Saturday, 2 September 2017


Deja vu stands for "ALREADY SEEN". There are researches going on this. I just  thought to give an experimenting tool to people who experience it frequently.

All of us at some point in life must have experienced deja vu.Some could have experienced it once or twice in life time, or some could have experienced it very frequently.There are many theories hopping around related to this phenomena.Medical science has tried to explain this phenomena as a result of memory anomaly.According to medical science short-term memories are stored as long-term memories and we feel that particular phenomena had happened much time before.There are concepts of parallel world.

The very first thing that appears in our mind is the event that we experience as already seen 
"WHERE WE HAVE SEEN IT".It is very unlikely that same event will occur twice or multiple times in this real world.The only place which is left is our dream.Now I am using one unexplained event 'DREAM' to explain another unexplained event 'DEJA VU'.I believe that if we have to understand 'DEJA VU',we will have to understand 'DREAM' first but we will discuss only 'DEJA VU' here and definition of dream will be used as a theorem to explain it.

Dream can be defined as a journey without senses.We do this journey ,many of us remember this journey, many forget it.Our mind travel through time but due to its limited capacity it's difficult to recollect or remember the journey.We visit many places while we dream and those whose mind keep these information give them a sense of this journey which we term as 'DEJA VU'.

To realise this journey without senses, we can do some practicals.We can keep a record of dreams which we can remember and whenever we experience DEJA VU,we can check this with our record.This is not a proven way but we can try it and hope some positive results.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015


This story is about a boy(RAM) who can talk to GOD.

On an ordinary day an ordinary boy took birth on earth.His mother and father decided a very special name for him Ram.Ram belonged to a middle class family. When he was infant God used to talk to him but for him god was like other people, He did not know that the God himself was talking to him.
As the time rolled on he came to know about god from his mother and father. A question arise in his mind, whether I am talking to the god. He asked the very question to god and the god answer was 'YES I AM GOD'.

Ram came to know from his parents that god can solve every problem in this universe and only he can give right answers to every question. He decided to share his problems and queries with god.

As we know ram belonged to a middle class family, so his life was like all middle class family life. When he was a child he was told to study. His parents taught him that he can be successful in life by studying hard. He asked to god whether his parents were right.

GOD replied- you do your work and leave result upon me.

Ram was strong in some subjects and weak in some. He used to ask god why he is weak in some subjects and how will he become  successful when he is weak.

GOD always replied-Do your work and leave result upon me.

Ram passed his high school with decent mark, but even after getting decent marks he got admission in an ordinary college. He again asked to god "God how will I become successful, I did not  get admission in a good college.

God replied-U will be successful, just take admission and move ahead.

While studying in college, ram was an average student and pressure of getting a decent job was always on his head. He used to ask god "GOD why my life is like this why I am always sad"

God replied-Do not worry everything will be ok and try to be happy. Try to  achieve happiness.

Ram again asked-Other students are good in study, why I am not that good. They are successful and they will achieve maximum in life, I will achieve nothing.

God replied-Leave your success and achievement upon me do your work. You will be successful.

Time passed, Ram got a job. He thanked god for this reward. As the time rolled on he started facing everyday problems. He again became a sad. He asked to god what he should do.

God replied-Just do your job you will be a successful man.

Ram again talked about many successful and rich men in the world.

God again replied-you will achieve success.

Time passed, Ram got married and lived life like a simple middle class man and one day like all died.

After dying, He reached to god with lots of questions. He asked to god-

Ram-God you told me that I will be successful, but I was not a successful man.

GOD- you are successful. You have  successfully lived your life. I decide who is successful not how you  can know whether you are successful or not. You did your work up to the level of success and whenever you got confused you asked me to guide you and I never misguide you. I show you the path of success and you just moved on that path with perfection. Whenever you believed that you are going right in life, that belief was towards me and now you will get rewards for all those moments. Whenever you were in dark, you asked me to guide you and give you right task. You will
get reward for that too. Your path was only for you not for others. You lived your life doing tasks which I wanted you to do and tasks which you could not complete were not for you, you left them successfully. That mean you did not interfere in my work, you will get reward for that too. All the tasks are designed by me so only I know who will start and who will finish.

RAM-All rich, successful man on earth are successful or not?

GOD-Whoever move on right path will be successful.


GOD-Nobody can be considered to be successful only because he or any other is calling him successful. Only I can decide who is successful. Parameter  and formulae for calculating success is
known by me only.

RAM- I am incapable in believing what you are saying.

GOD-Yes, For that you need to become god and that is your reward. I am making you a part of mine. Now onward you have all the knowledge and you are free from every question, suspicion.

Suddenly RAM saw himself transforming in almighty.

Saturday, 11 July 2015


We see,feel,hear,taste,smell through our senses.Physical existence are because senses are.Anything beyond the power of senses is considered to be imaginary or events for which we have no explanation is imaginary.But everything beyond senses on which there is no command is infinite have no boundary and go beyond everything.Why don't we use or try to use these imaginary or hidden power within us to solve problems of our life.If we practice to use our imaginations for finding the goal of our life,we will surely find a goal satisfactory enough to solve all the problems in our life.

What we need to do is to set our mind,thought or whatever it is free to go beyond every boundaries and reach the place where our goal of life is residing,where answer of every question of our life is and the place where we can quench our thrust through the real knowledge.

Physical existence are because senses are.We should practice to live with senses and without senses to find answers of our life.Because until we learn to use both the modes we can't know the real question of our life.Half the question is in physical world and rest half in imaginary world and our aim is to join them to know real question.Real and imaginary are antonym of each other.So definitely one half of the question is antonym of another half and the answer is true for both the parts.So let us try to make our senses powerful enough to work with no sense.

Friday, 10 July 2015


From the time i started understanding the meaning of words true and false,I am little bit confused.I believe both the words which happens to be antonym of each other have the same meaning .at one time true become false and false become true.For example-we say we see from eyes open(true),we see from closed eye(false), but we also see dreams when our eyes are closed,if nothing we see blackness at least(but we see when eyes are closed).we believe that what we are seeing through closed eye are unreal,so seeing through closed eyes is a false statement.That means true or false is belief dependent(not independent).Our belief system itself is dependent.We believe(true) what we are taught to believe from our beginning of life.That means if we make our belief system independent and start believing in things which we want to believe then true and false will start contradicting each other or truth will take place of false and false will take place of truth. Ultimate goal of human life is independence that means ultimate goal of  human life is to convert  truth to  false and false to truth or more precisely knowing the meaning of true and false.